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19th of January 2018


Tel Aviv Business Travel Tips

tel aviv

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Going on a business trip to Tel Aviv? With the city becoming a hotbed for startups and the presence of major companies such as Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Apple, many people have been traveling to Tel Aviv on business.

There are some important things to consider when you’re planning a business trip to Tel Aviv. Here are some business travel tips that ensure you have the best trip possible:

1. Tel Aviv is a culturally vibrant city – take some time to appreciate it.

There is a certain buzz in the air in Tel Aviv, being the center of high-tech industries in the region. However, beyond the startups and big companies, your trip can easily include some time to appreciate the rich culture of the city. For instance, south of Tel Aviv is a 4,000 year-old historical area called Jaffa, an ancient port city with museums, flea markets, and fascinating shops selling unique items.

2. There are cultural differences that you should know about.

It’s important to have an open mind when you attend business meetings in Tel Aviv. The structure is not as formal compared to other countries. For example, it’s totally acceptable to be 15 minutes late, and there is no formal dress code. During meetings, it’s okay to voice out your opinion about a topic at any time, irrespective of your rank in the company. It’s also not considered rude for people to come in and go out of the meeting room at any time while the meeting is still ongoing.

3. Enjoy the world-class cuisine that Tel Aviv has to offer.

Tel Aviv has many world-class restaurants, offering different cuisines around the world. Your business meetings can be capped with a nice dinner at one of Tel Aviv’s excellent dining establishments. The city’s thriving culinary scene includes Aria, a restaurant serving eclectic contemporary cuisine, well-loved farm-to-table restaurant Claro, and Mashya, a contemporary restaurant serving modern Moroccan cuisine.

4. Transportation is not a problem.

Getting to Tel Aviv and going around the city is very easy. If you’re looking for flights to Israel, there are many non-stop fares and packages available, offering great deals for business travelers. Once you get to the city, you can conveniently get a taxicab or use the Gett app to get a ride. Tel Aviv is a cleverly-designed city, and many residents opt to walk or bike if their meeting is just a few blocks away. The city also has a bike sharing system.

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