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16th of October 2018


5 Ways To Be a REAL Man - The Good Men Project

Stubbornly clinging to one end of the spectrum is exhausting and robs you of precious time and energy.

September 13, 2018 by Julian Rosen Leave a Comment


No one is going to care how tough you thought you were or how controlling you thought you had to be. Be kind, be confident, and stand up for what you authentically believe in. No more, no less.


And I’m not talking about how much you bench, bro. I mean consistently push yourself physically and mentally, challenging the thoughts and voices that tell you to stop, back down, or settle for less.


Money is simply an indicator you have owned, amplified and leveraged your personal value in the marketplace. It’s a sign of growth and helps you live an awesome life, so by all means, make as much of it as you can. But please know it doesn’t make you inherently better than anyone else, so act accordingly.


Stop brushing off your creativity because you fear judgement. Write, sing, dance, draw, cook, film, speak, create. You were endowed with powerful gifts that will impact a lot of people, so start sharing. (Because lord knows where we’d be if Channing hadn’t embraced his inner stripper)

5. BE MORE FEMININE (oh no he didn’t!?!?!)

Be more open, more expressive and more vulnerable. Stubbornly clinging to one end of the spectrum is exhausting and robs you of precious time and energy. Balance your personality and add some desperately needed flow to your life.

If you agree this is what makes a better man, share this bad boy.

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