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20th of October 2018

Nigeria News


A stone is basically any difficulty that is spoiling you. A hindrance, a resistance, a fencing/barricading, a glass ceiling, etc. keeping you from emerging, to achieve/attain or reach your limelight, and your space, thereby preventing you from living the kind of daily life you want to live. Nigerians rightly expect that by this time, long after independence from the colonialists, their lives should have been much better.

Alas, the story has remained regrettably sad. Instead of getting better, things continue to get bitter, and even worse. Unfortunately, today it’s not just the backwardness confronting the masses, everyday a stone continues to rise up to lock them in the grave of the deterioration they have found themselves. This stone today continues to manifest itself in policies that seem to send their living standards back to the days of Mongo Park.

Policies that reduce their earning capacity to chronic poverty levels that can be called Intentionally Induced Poverty, (IIP). When the structures and systems of government force people to live downward lives they are violating the security, interests and rights of the people. Go to the rural areas, road access are completely impossible, and due to IIP they cannot afford to live in any better homes but mud floor rooms with roofs leaking at almost every angle.

The pains and difficulties are exacerbated with the disconnections from people’s reality, the denials, and non-challans the government is showing to the people’s plight and condition.

Government continues to say things are getting better, and hang to the propaganda that they are implementing all kinds of people-oriented projects in every community, yet the lives of the common people are not impacted in any ameliorating way.

The common man is still unable to eat, transport himself to work, send his children to school, earn respectable income/wages, etc. The stone stands between them and doing any honest contracts or find any kind of jobs, rather, Nigerians continue to read that over 7.9 million jobs have been lost through the past three years based on the stone’s policies, systems and institutions of democratization.

The devaluation of the naira by this sealed and military guarded stone reduced the capacity of the poor by almost 50% since 2016 when the naira went from 160 to 450 to the dollar before settling down to 365 to the dollar. Oh, go to the rural destinations and see the wretchedness, disillusionment, squalor, gloom, the abject poverty, and suffering. Oh mine, who shall roll this stone away for Nigerians? Before this stone of hindrance arrived, Nigerians thought they had a clueless government, but then they could at least eat three meals a day no matter how poor they were, vagrancy was low, insecurity was limited to the north east where Boko haram was cordoned off, and in the process of being contained.

Rice then was bought at N6,500 per bag as opposed to the present N20-25,000 naira; a large tuber of yam could be bought at 100 naira, as opposed to 300-500 naira today, petrol was bought for 87 naira a litre at the most, as opposed to the present 143/145 naira per litre, and the list of the stone’s deleterious effects continue to exponentially grow. We now see this stone rolled against those good old days and the tomb holding the people is dark and cold.

This stone is snuffing the life out of the people and a radical cure must be found. Unfortunately, politicians, police, soldiers, CSOs, etc., all can’t be trusted to roll this stone away. They are all corrupted, corruptible, confused, deceived and spoiled by their stolen share of the national common wealth. When they make a show of helping the common man, they are all a deceit. All they want is to get what is in it for themselves. Once they get their portion/share, they go to bed till they are ready for the next collection to meet their needs and support their interests, then they come out to make noise pretentiously in a show to help the poor, and again, once they are duly settled, they return to their cover/barracks, and cool down till the cycle re-runs.

Today, people are asking the question, who will roll this stone away? Nigerians are suffering and groaning under the burden of this weighty stone placed over the mouth of the grave of their rising. All the noise in the nation today, from villages to the local government, from the states to the federal seat of power is about how this stone can be rolled away. This stone is a present force that continues to block the people’s way to attaining dreams and goals in life.

The stone is mighty and unpredictable, who will demystify it for Nigeria? Everywhere one turns, one is like being chased by some bad event/insecurity/economic woes or innumerable difficulties. That this stone exist however, should never stop Nigerians from dreaming big and rising in faith to attempt great things to vanquish it. So, start off on the journey to the future irrespective of the known/existent powers of the stone. The stone is to test/ensure Nigerians mean business to get what they want in life. If you want that dream or vision strong enough, no stone should stop you from rising up, scaling walls and destroying restraining yokes.

Making matters worse is the continuous conflict between the executive and the legislature, and the disrespect and abuse of the judiciary by the executive. The system seems to be burning up. The security forces act as though they were a state within a state. The police and DSS take high handed actions with impunity but the executive continue to claim ignorance of their actions. The police in the states carry out acts of insubordination to the interest of the nation and the chief security of their states but the IGP feigns ignorance. Police and DSS acting as a state in a state, acting out of their own instructions, with a mind of their own.

The army in the matter concerning the Shia sect and El-Zak-Zaki conflict, the Niger Delta militants, etc., have acted as an occupying force rather than a protector of the remaining shreds of the democracy and the people, and not the protector of a regime. While with the same colonial occupation mentality they ignore/wink at the Fulani herdsmen murders that are culling lives in Zamfara, Jigawa, Benue, Plateau, Kaduna, including the shameful Fulani youth armed robbers and kidnappers dotted all around the entry roads to Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, etc. The occupying force has no answer to these puzzles.

If they were a true protection for the masses, they would have since dealt with these different menacing murderers as they brutally handled villages in locations where the army claimed their men and soldiers were killed during conflicts. Whole villages were wiped off the map. Yet these Fulani murderers, kidnappers and land grabbers continue to rampage localities but they have never been found, rather soldiers keep calling them bandits not murderers. And because these wickedness are called the wrong names, the law has failed to catch up with them.

This stone uses humanism and human reasoning/calculations and game theories to make its daily moves. It generates grounds for constant attacks, motivating different miscarriages, injustices and antagonisms against anyone who dares to stand up to it, or dares to leave its cover, then it advances all kinds of accusatory corruption cases, sending its greyhounds (Police/DSS) to attack. The stone generates rumors, fears and agitations all over the nation by its despotism, nepotism, exclusion, hate culture, rejection, stereotypes, antagonisms, deceptions, and all the likes, making Nigerians walk/work in darkness, but they must not let hopelessness kill them because the healing sun will soon rise on the nation. When deliverance appears, the stone, its cabals, cohorts, praise singers, etc. will be punished. Every problem has an expiry date and every conundrum has its asymmetrical solution.

Unfortunately, religion that Nigerians always run to for succor, has become complicit with the entrenchment of this stone. Men of God/Imams/Mullahs have insisted on flamboyant ungodly lifestyles, and by it have contributed to the corrupting of the 16 years of the past government by their fake prophecies, lying messages, acquisitiveness, avaricious manipulation and competition for the attention of those placed in power in Aso Villa and the state government houses. Consequently, Nigeria fell into the hands of a blind, lost, despotic cabal to rule and teach Nigerians a lesson since May, 2015. A government that is openly sectional, and autocratic, masters of nepotism, vengeance, meanness and wickedness in its policies, considerations and actions.

A government that disregards the rule of law over what they claim to be national security/interest, against due process and human rights. A government that scoffs at court orders, the judiciary and justice. No one is really safe from their coercive hands and machinations, and none to bring help. The religious ministers have preached and made a show of their idols of carnally large unconverted congregations and the pursuit of numbers at the expense of evangelizing the nation for peace/incorruptibility. If God were to end the collection of Zakat, tithes, seed sowing, first fruits and offerings, many religious personnel will change profession!

They make a show of their idols of private jets/helicopters, they engage in money-focused pursuits and greedy accumulation of wealth, and have encouraged and indulged in Christianized or Islamized worldliness, and worldly fashion. They haveserved idols of secret second wives in various cities and nations, spiritual and physical adulteries and fornication, lying prayer houses who claim to see deep secrets of men’s lives, and prophets and Mullahs have arisen on every corner who lay wait for poor victims to prophesy concocted lies to line their pockets and stomachs with filthy lucre.

They have sold fake commercial anointing oils for favor and miracles, wear prophetic shoes and mouth sprays to speak mysteries, promoted miracle rods, prayer combs, and created assorted genres of so-called miracle oils God did not command or give. They bury people and animals alive under their religious houses to pull crowds. They have used their churches, Mosques, ad related NGOs and businesses to serve as drain pipes to public funds by looting politicians in high government places of both the present and past regimes that continue to impoverish the masses, inducing intentional chronic cursing poverty on the people. Who will then roll this stone away?

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