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Astronomers Discover Most Distant Known Cosmic Jet New! 2021-03-08 17:53:42Astronomers using several ground-based telescopes have spotted the most distant cosmic jet discovered so far. Its source is PSO J172.3556+18.7734, a r

New Bird-Like Dinosaur Identified in Spain New! 2021-03-08 15:13:35A new genus and species of troodontid dinosaur that lived 66 million years ago at the very end of the Cretaceous period has been identified from an is

Geoscientists Confirm Existence of Earth’s Innermost Inner Core New! 2021-03-08 13:03:02Earth’s inner core has an inner core of its own and its distinct properties may point to a dramatic event in the history of our planet, accordin

Perseverance Successfully Performs Its First Drive on Mars New! 2021-03-08 08:58:27On March 4, 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover covered 6.5 m (21.3 feet) across the Martian landscape. Perseverance’s first drive lasted abou

Hubble Space Telescope Spots Beautiful Stellar Nursery 2021-03-08 05:24:33The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a striking new photo of the star-forming region AFGL 5180. AFGL 5180, also known as IRAS 06058+2138 a

eROSITA X-Ray Telescope Spots Enormous Supernova Remnant 2021-03-05 18:53:28Astronomers using data from the eROSITA X-ray telescope aboard the Spektrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG) observatory have detected the largest supernova remna

VY Canis Majoris is Enshrouded in Giant Dust 2021-03-05 17:02:41Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have discovered the reason for the dimming of a red hypergiant star called VY Canis Majoris. VY

Researchers Find Organic Matter and Water in Sample 2021-03-05 15:04:45An international team of scientists has studied both the water and organic contents from a dust particle recovered from the surface of the near-Earth

Hot Super-Earth Discovered 26 Light-Years Away 2021-03-05 14:02:58Astronomers from the CARMENES (Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exoearths with Near-infrared and optical Échelle Spectrograp

Mammoths Co-Existed with Early Americans in New England, 2021-03-04 18:08:40The so-called Mount Holly mammoth (Mammuthus sp.) lived approximately 12,800 years ago in what is now New England, a region comprising six states in t

Nightside of Hot Super-Earth LHS 3844b is Tectonically 2021-03-04 16:09:36LHS 3844b’s hemispheric tectonics is the direct consequence of a significant temperature contrast between its day- and nightside and is absent i

Humans Arrived in Northern Bahamas Earlier than Thought 2021-03-04 15:21:45Humans were present in Florida by 14,000 years ago, and until recently, it was believed The Bahamas — located only a few km away — were no

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3 Battery Innovations That Will Energize Our Future 2021-03-06 13:00:00These next-gen solutions will provide safer, more stable and longer-lasting power for everything from the energy grids to the phones in our pockets.

The Lost Stars From the Early Universe Still 2021-03-06 11:00:00The earliest stars were different than the ones we see in the sky today. That’s what makes them so hard to find.

The Amazon Rainforest Could Die in Your Lifetime 2021-03-05 15:00:00Climate change, fires and deforestation create a perfect storm that will destroy the Amazon in about 40 years.

How Mount Tambora and Other Volcanic Eruptions Inspired 2021-03-05 13:00:00Dramatic sunsets after volcanic eruptions resonated with artists like William Turner, Caspar David Friedrich and Edvard Munch. Their paintings can pro

Are the Egyptian Pyramids Aligned with the Stars? 2021-03-05 11:00:00The ancient Egyptians watched Earth’s night sky closely and named constellations after their gods. But did the builders of the pyramids really m

What Did the Venus of Willendorf Originally Represent? 2021-03-05 10:00:00Similar Stone Age figurines of women with enlarged breasts, protruding stomachs and ample hips have been found across Europe and Eurasia. Their purpos

Life-Changing Online Therapy: 7 Points to Note Before 2021-03-05 01:00:00What is online therapy? How does it work? What are the key features? Where to get reliable and convenient help? Find out all about it & more here.

5 Best CBD Cream For Pain 2021-03-05 00:00:00

Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Top 5 Brands 2021-03-05 00:00:00

Who Built Teotihuacan, One of the Largest and 2021-03-04 13:00:00Despite over a century of archaeological work, there are large gaps in our knowledge of this massive city and the people who lived there.

The Health Dangers of Chronic Dehydration 2021-03-04 09:00:00Not drinking enough water can cause detrimental effects on our cognitive functions, blood sugar regulation and overall wellbeing.

The Future of Bluetooth Hearing Aids: How LE 2021-03-04 01:00:00

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How Bad Was 2020 for Tourism? Look at New! 2021-03-08 16:30:08The dramatic effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the travel industry and beyond are made clear in six charts.

Can Long-Term Care Employers Require Staff Members to New! 2021-03-08 14:20:07As legal experts and ethicists debate, some companies aren’t waiting.

Triangulating Math, Mozart and ‘Moby-Dick’ New! 2021-03-08 14:18:58Sarah Hart, the first woman to hold England’s distinguished Gresham professorship of geometry, explores the intersections of music, literature a

Meet the Sea Slugs That Chop Off Their New! 2021-03-08 11:47:38Their severed heads get around just fine until they regenerate perfectly functioning, parasite-free new bodies, scientists say.

Women Report Worse Side Effects After a Covid New! 2021-03-08 11:44:22Men and women tend to respond differently to many kinds of vaccines. That’s probably because of a mix of factors, including hormones, genes and

How Green Are Electric Vehicles? New! 2021-03-08 11:29:29In short: Very green. But plug-in cars still have environmental effects. Here’s a guide to the main issues and how they might be addressed.

For Planet Earth, No Tourism is a Curse New! 2021-03-08 11:16:56From the rise in poaching to the waning of noise pollution, travel’s shutdown is having profound effects. Which will remain, and which will vani

Global Warming’s Deadly Combination: Heat and Humidity New! 2021-03-08 11:04:22A new study suggests that large swaths of the tropics will experience dangerous living and working conditions if global warming isn’t limited to

10 Women Changing the Landscape of Leadership New! 2021-03-08 11:01:54In critical fields like agriculture, science, finance and technology, they have staked a claim with their pioneering work and are building a path for

The Latest Wrinkle in Crumple Theory New! 2021-03-08 09:18:37From studies of “geometric frustration,” scientists learn how paper folds under pressure.

The Power of Playing Dead 2021-03-07 05:00:08A study shows that pretending to be immobile — sometimes for an hour or more — helps larvae of insects called antlions outlast hungry pred

How To Grow Seedlings With Newspaper 2021-03-06 23:58:07A simple roll of newspaper creates a biodegradable pot to get your spring planting season off the ground.

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How fast is the universe expanding? Galaxies provide New! 2021-03-08 16:52:39Among the methods astronomers have found to measure the expansion rate of the local universe, the Hubble constant, surface brightness fluctuations is

Northern Hemisphere summers may last nearly half the New! 2021-03-08 16:52:37Without efforts to mitigate climate change, summers spanning nearly six months may become the new normal by 2100 in the Northern Hemisphere, according

A plant's place in history can predict susceptibility New! 2021-03-08 16:52:34Found around the world, powdery mildew is a fungal disease especially harmful to plants within the sunflower family. Like most invasive pathogens, pow

Young white-tailed deer that disperse survive the same New! 2021-03-08 16:52:31Juvenile white-tailed deer that strike out to find new home ranges -- despite facing more risks -- survive at about the same rate as those that stay h

Research pinpoints unique drug target in antibiotic resistant New! 2021-03-08 16:52:29Researchers have identified a critical mechanism that allows deadly bacteria to gain resistance to antibiotics.

Lights on for silicon photonics New! 2021-03-08 15:25:34The demonstration of electroluminescence at terahertz frequencies from a silicon-germanium device marks a key step towards the long-sought goal of a s

Understanding the resilience of barrier islands and coastal New! 2021-03-08 15:25:30When a coastline undergoes massive erosion, like a hurricane flattening a beach and its nearby environments, it has to rebuild itself - relying on the

A better way to measure acceleration New! 2021-03-08 15:25:26Addressing the increasing demand to accurately measure acceleration in smaller navigation systems and other devices, researchers have developed an acc

'Pompeii of prehistoric plants' unlocks evolutionary secret New! 2021-03-08 15:25:03Spectacular fossil plants preserved within a volcanic ash fall in China have shed light on an evolutionary race 300 million years ago, which was event

Life expectancy falling for adults without a bachelor's New! 2021-03-08 15:25:01Since 2010, people without a college degree have experienced an absolute rise in mortality. Yet, while the gap in the United States widened based on w

Sea otters maintain remnants of healthy kelp forest New! 2021-03-08 15:24:58Sea otters maintain the balance of kelp forest ecosystems by controlling populations of sea urchins, which are voracious kelp grazers. Since 2014, how

Cheap, nontoxic carbon nanodots poised to be quantum New! 2021-03-08 15:24:56Tiny fluorescent semiconductor dots, called quantum dots, are useful in a variety of health and electronic technologies but are made of toxic, expensi

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Meghan McCain Puts Her Foot In It With 2021-02-22 13:43:25“The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my ag

4 More States Propose Harsh New Penalties For 2021-02-20 09:58:59Industry-designed bills to silence climate protests are under consideration in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota and Montana. More are likely to come.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Mocked For Not Knowing Vatican 2021-02-19 14:35:32The first-term lawmaker didn't think a new rule about vaccinations in Vatican City sounded legal, even though Vatican City is an independent state.

‘Life On Mars?’ NASA Celebrates With Yungblud’s Out-Of-This-World 2021-02-18 23:47:00The Perseverance rover will be searching for signs of life on the Red Planet.

Vatican Threatens To Fire Employees Who Refuse COVID-19 2021-02-18 19:52:11Citing guidelines from Pope Francis' coronavirus commission, the Vatican decreed that staff can't opt out of the vaccine without a medical reason.

NASA Successfully Lands New Mars Rover 'Perseverance' 2021-02-18 16:23:33The rover will examine an ancient river delta called Jezero Crater for signs of bygone microscopic life.

Mars Rover Perseverance Hours Away From Daredevil Landing 2021-02-18 03:23:30The most advanced robotic astrobiology lab ever flown to another world is nearing the end of its seven-month, 293-million-mile journey.

Ted Cruz Admits He Has 'No Defense' For 2021-02-17 16:20:50Some Twitter users appreciated the Republican senator for his admission, but others didn't like his use of the shrug emoji.

Lifeforms That 'Shouldn't Be There' Found By Scientists 2021-02-16 18:49:06It's like "The Thing," except a little more mundane.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Thrilled He's Inspired New Dating 2021-02-16 18:07:01The term refers to people who avoid dating those who don't take the coronavirus seriously.

Dr. Fauci Feared Catching COVID-19 In Trump's 'Super-Spreader' 2021-02-15 18:23:42The infectious disease specialist admits being concerned when he visited the White House, which he described as "sort of a super-spreader location.&r

Japanese Man Finds Out What Happens When You’re 2021-02-15 04:31:30One expert said Saturday's temblor was an aftershock of the devastating 2011 earthquake.

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Most distant quasar with powerful radio jets discovered 2021-03-08 00:00:00With the help of the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (ESO's VLT), astronomers have discovered and studied in detail the most di

Immune cells in cerebrospinal fluid predict response to 2021-03-08 00:00:00Immune cells accessing cerebrospinal fluid faithfully recapitulate the characteristics of cells identified in brain metastasis, and could therefore co

Reduced heat leakage improves wearable health device 2021-03-08 00:00:00By reducing heat leakage, NC State engineers improve wearable device powered by body heat.

Stroke affecting the eye requires immediate treatment, can 2021-03-08 00:00:00Central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) is a form of stroke that occurs when blood flow is blocked to the main artery of the eye, usually resulting in

Irrigation management key for bioenergy production to mitigate 2021-03-08 00:00:00To avoid a substantial increase in water scarcity, biomass plantations for energy production need sustainable water management, a new study shows. Bio

Investigating youth suicides among children involved with the 2021-03-08 00:00:00Youth involved in the child welfare system experience a greater risk of suicidal behavior, yet research on this vulnerable population is minimal. To b

Virtual avatar coaching with community context for adult-child 2021-03-08 00:00:00Virtual reality avatar-based coaching shows promise to increase access to and extend the reach of nutrition education programs to children at risk for

Cardiac arrest from opioid overdose has unique features 2021-03-08 00:00:00The U.S. opioid epidemic and related opioid use disorder are significant causes of cardiac arrest and death among adults ages 25 to 64.Opioid-related

Strict environmental laws 'push' firms to pollute elsewhere 2021-03-08 00:00:00Multinational companies headquartered in countries with tougher environmental policies tend to locate their polluting factories in countries with more

Drug to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder in 2021-03-08 00:00:00An independent analysis of the medical trials which formed the final basis of approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strongly suggests

Allelica's polygenic risk score data published in <i>Circulation</i> 2021-03-08 00:00:00Data published in Circulation showed that Allelica's proprietary polygenic risk score analysis combined with LDL level helps determine those people a

Most distant cosmic jet providing clues about early 2021-03-08 00:00:00Astronomers using the VLA and VLBA have found the most distant cosmic jet yet discovered, material propelled at nearly the speed of light by a superma

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