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Meet Don Alberto, Italy’s new YouTube sensation 2021-03-02 06:00:00Rome, Italy, Mar 2, 2021 / 04:00 am (CNA).- Fr. Alberto Ravagnani didn’t set out to make a viral video. He was just trying to find a way to

English cardinal welcomes US investigation into garment-making industry 2021-03-02 05:05:00CNA Staff, Mar 2, 2021 / 03:05 am (CNA).- An English cardinal on Monday welcomed a U.S. investigation into alleged labor abuses in the garment-making

Scotland’s Catholic bishops seek ‘dialogue’ over cap on 2021-03-01 09:40:00CNA Staff, Mar 1, 2021 / 07:40 am (CNA).- Scotland’s Catholic bishops said on Monday that they plan to engage in “dialogue&rdquo

Elderly religious overlooked in Belgium’s early COVID-19 vaccination 2021-03-01 08:00:00CNA Staff, Mar 1, 2021 / 06:00 am (CNA).- A body representing religious men and women has questioned the exclusion of elderly religious from the early

St. Dominic entrusted this Marian icon to nuns 2021-02-27 08:00:00Rome Newsroom, Feb 27, 2021 / 06:00 am (CNA).- Eight hundred years ago, a barefoot St. Dominic carried an icon of the Virgin Mary across Rome to entru

How a former heroin addict unearthed a book 2021-02-27 06:00:00CNA Staff, Feb 27, 2021 / 04:00 am (CNA).- For Damien Richardson, it just seemed like another job. A man had asked him if he would clear out the house

Spain to permit feminist marches, while restricting worship 2021-02-26 17:11:00Madrid, Spain, Feb 26, 2021 / 03:11 pm (CNA).- While maintaining restrictions on transit, gatherings, and worship services amid the coronavirus pandem

Head of German Catholic bishops: ‘I do not 2021-02-26 06:00:00CNA Staff, Feb 26, 2021 / 04:00 am (CNA).- The president of the German Catholic bishops’ conference said on Thursday that he would continue to g

Plan to exhume body of US-born nun buried 2021-02-25 15:00:00CNA Staff, Feb 25, 2021 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- A religious order announced on Thursday that it had withdrawn an application to exhume the body of its US-b

EU Catholic bishops criticize European Parliament resolution on 2021-02-25 08:15:00CNA Staff, Feb 25, 2021 / 06:15 am (CNA).- Catholic bishops across Europe have criticized a European Parliament resolution on Poland’s abortion

Romanian Catholic archbishop: The Church needs to form 2021-02-24 14:00:00CNA Staff, Feb 24, 2021 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Aurel Percă has never led his archdiocese in normal times. He was installed as Metropolitan

English cardinal calls for ‘unambiguous legislation’ against ‘hateful extremism’ 2021-02-24 10:10:00CNA Staff, Feb 24, 2021 / 08:10 am (CNA).- An English cardinal called on Wednesday for “unambiguous legislation” to fight “hate

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Padre Pio’s daily prayer to his Guardian Angel New! 2021-03-03 08:00:44Padre Pio regularly saw his Guardian Angel and spoke with him often. Padre Pio’s daily prayer to his Guardian Angel

Penance in a time of emergency New! 2021-03-03 08:00:16A reflection from the Major Penitentiary on the Church's long tradition and pandemic restrictions. Penance in a time of emergency

Catholic gospel choir gives stunning White House performance New! 2021-03-03 07:00:25This phenomenal choir has sung for four presidents and even Pope Francis. Catholic gospel choir gives stunning White House performance

We can’t disappoint the Iraqi people a 2nd New! 2021-03-03 06:25:22Noting how war kept John Paul II from visiting the "martyred Church in the land of Abraham," pope asks for prayers for journey. We can’t disap

Preemie baby born at just 22 weeks finally New! 2021-03-03 06:00:33Mom's message to others in a similar situation is inspiring and full of hope. Preemie baby born at just 22 weeks finally goes home

10 Mysterious things to know about guardian angels 2021-03-03 00:00:33Guardian angels surround us and are always there helping us draw closer to God. 10 Mysterious things to know about guardian angels

Did this man design your church? 2021-03-03 00:00:13Patrick Keely dominated U.S. Catholic architecture in the late 19th century. Did this man design your church?

You probably don’t know that a miracle has 2021-03-03 00:00:11Don't wait for the extraordinary moments to be grateful. You probably don’t know that a miracle has blessed your life

First they discovered St. Philomena’s remains … then 2021-03-03 00:00:10In 1802, archaeologists came across the remains of a virgin martyr who died in the 4th century. What happened next? First they discovered St. Philome

Virtually visit the Basilica of St. Cecilia in 2021-03-03 00:00:08Station Church Day 15: They tried to suffocate Cecilia here, locking her in the area of the steam baths. Virtually visit the Basilica of St. Cecilia i

A German city installs “nests” to shelter homeless 2021-03-03 00:00:07Science and engineering advances can be used to help the most vulnerable. A German city installs “nests” to shelter homeless people

How to approach conversations with your teens about 2021-03-03 00:00:03A professional therapist suggests some practical tips. How to approach conversations with your teens about sex

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When Amazon Erased My Book 2021-02-23 10:45:00My book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment was released exactly three years ago. It was attacked twice on the New Y

What We’ve Been Reading—February 2021 2021-02-23 06:00:00R. R. RenoEditor Continue Reading »

Somebody Needs To Be Dad 2021-02-22 06:00:00For Catholics, the Second Vatican Council (1962–65) stands as the key event of the last 60 years. It renewed the Church’s self-understandi

Ever Ancient, Ever New 2021-02-22 06:00:00Teaching Augustine on a college campus is an especially interesting experience these days. I get to expose students to Augustine, his life, world, tho

The Gospel According to John and Mary 2021-02-19 06:00:00Mary’s Voice in the Gospel According to John:A New Translation with Commentary by michael pakaluk gateway editions, 354 pages, $28.99 Continue

Essentially Fertile: Notes Toward a Land Ethic 2021-02-19 06:00:00In the decades since World War II, the U.S. has declared a war on poverty, a war on drugs, and a war on terror. All three of these campaigns were unqu

Warning Signs in the Golden State 2021-02-18 06:00:00Liberals hope, and conservatives fear, that the Biden Administration will transform the nation’s values and public policies into those of &ldquo

The Gratuitous Abundance of Books 2021-02-18 06:00:00Now and then when I am absorbed in lists of forthcoming books, whether in the delicious catalogues of university presses (now likely to be digital onl

Exodus, Lent, and Becoming a True Nation 2021-02-17 06:00:00Ten years ago, I began a most extraordinary Lent by walking up the Aventine Hill to the Basilica of Santa Sabina on the first day of the Roman station

The Lenten Presumption 2021-02-16 06:00:00Over the next 40 days, we join our Lord on the via dolorosa , the road of suffering, which culminates in his agonizing death on the Cross. We join hi

Bluegrass and the Bible 2021-02-15 06:00:00One way the Catholic Church has always fulfilled the mission entrusted to her by Christ is by confidently consecrating this world’s customs and

A Conspiracy of Goodness 2021-02-15 06:00:00Pierre Sauvage was 18 years old when he discovered that he was Jewish and that he had been born in Vichy France on the Vivarais Plateau in 1944—

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USCCB: Moderna's and Pfizer's coronavirus vaccines ethically preferable New! 2021-03-03 17:19:00CNA Staff, Mar 3, 2021 / 03:19 pm (CNA).- The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday reiterated the Vatican’s teaching on COVID

Christians and Muslims alike welcome Pope Francis' trip New! 2021-03-03 16:00:00Rome Newsroom, Mar 3, 2021 / 02:00 pm (CNA).- Iraqi Christians and Muslims alike have expressed excitment for Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Ira

‘Fratelli tutti’: Pope Francis ‘delighted’ as Muslim group New! 2021-03-03 15:00:00Vatican City, Mar 3, 2021 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- Pope Francis said on Wednesday that he was “delighted” to learn that a Muslim group had overs

Pope Francis to mark 500 years of Catholic New! 2021-03-03 14:00:00Vatican City, Mar 3, 2021 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- Pope Francis will offer Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on March 14 to mark 500 years of Catholic fait

Opponents of campaign finance bill say it presents New! 2021-03-03 13:00:00Washington D.C., Mar 3, 2021 / 11:00 am (CNA).- An campaign finance bill under consideration in the House could present grave concerns for religious l

EWTN News to launch weekly discussion show New! 2021-03-03 12:00:00Washington D.C., Mar 3, 2021 / 10:00 am (CNA).- On Friday, EWTN News will launch a new weekly discussion show “EWTN News In Depth,” coveri

Leading German Catholic bishop cautions priests against intercommunion New! 2021-03-03 10:30:00CNA Staff, Mar 3, 2021 / 08:30 am (CNA).- A leading German Catholic bishop has cautioned priests against intercommunion with Protestants during an ecu

Investigator: There could be 10,000 abuse victims in New! 2021-03-03 09:30:00Rome Newsroom, Mar 3, 2021 / 07:30 am (CNA).- The head of an independent commission said on Tuesday that there could be at least 10,000 victims of sex

How Pope Francis used a donated Lamborghini to New! 2021-03-03 08:15:00Rome Newsroom, Mar 3, 2021 / 06:15 am (CNA).- Christians in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains were able to rebuild a nursery school and other facilities des

Pope Francis prays for a renewal of the New! 2021-03-03 07:00:00Vatican City, Mar 3, 2021 / 05:00 am (CNA).- Pope Francis’ prayer intention for the month of March is for a renewed experience of the Sacrament

Pope Francis calls for end to ‘bloody clashes’ New! 2021-03-03 06:00:00Vatican City, Mar 3, 2021 / 04:00 am (CNA).- Pope Francis appealed on Wednesday for an end to “bloody clashes” and the release of politica

Canadian bishops' charitable arm to end partnerships with 2021-03-02 20:41:00Ottawa, Canada, Mar 2, 2021 / 06:41 pm (CNA).- The Canadian bishops’ conference announced Thursday that after a review of organizations that rec

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The Path that Leads to Eternal Life 2021-02-26 11:31:09St. Ephrem, a deacon and theologian who lived in the 4th century, was pondering the question of why God allows good people to be tempted; after all, h

At the Foot of the Cross 2021-02-25 06:00:00We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does

An Open Conspiracy 2021-02-23 06:00:00I have been fascinated by conspiracies, ever since I majored in History at Holy Cross College in 1963. It is impossible to objectively study the subje

The Historic Problem of Race in America 2021-02-21 18:00:00White people’s awareness of the evil of slavery has for decades taken the form of developing programs for helping blacks. Ironically, this appro

Turning Deserts into Gardens 2021-02-21 05:00:00Some pious, well-intentioned people are eager to come up with something original to do as penance during Lent! Such eagerness, though, could be spirit

Using the Psalms Among the Sick 2021-02-18 06:00:00Pastoral care with the sick has no expiry date. Every circumstance, hard as it is and may be, direly calls for the person and those around him/her to

Holiness is Everybody’s Business 2021-02-17 12:00:00Each and everyone of us was created to be holy. But how can this be? We are created by a Holy God! Many are the biblical verses which clearly show God

His Love for Mary 2021-02-17 06:00:00Throughout this year we have been celebrating the first centenary from the birth of a great devotee of Mary, Pope St. John Paul II. It would be fruitf

Regarding Compassion and Generosity 2021-02-16 06:26:53Some years ago an elderly man collapsed on a busy street corner in downtown Brooklyn, and in the ambulance on the way to the hospital he kept calling

Overanalyzing Kindness 2021-02-14 07:57:56Since the election many of my liberal friends seem to have overcome their compulsion to lecture me on what a horrible human being Donald J.

How Much He Loves Us 2021-02-12 14:22:41Science has proven convincingly how newborn babies, especially those thrust out of the warm coziness of the womb prematurely, need plenty of physical

Praying with Power 2021-02-11 08:29:06There are many times that we think we are powerless. We believe we need to endure what is happening to us and we don’t have the ability to


PASTOR RELEASED: Boko Haram Terrorists Free Nigerian Pastor New! 2021-03-03 16:47:53Christian Pastor Bulus Yikura of the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) has been released by his abductors after being held captive since Dec. 24

Climate Scientists: Pandemic Lockdowns Needed Every Two Years New! 2021-03-03 15:27:21A report published in Nature Climate Change claims carbon emissions fell drastically during COVID-19 related lockdowns. In order to mee

Four Venezuelan Christians Beaten, Stabbed, Forced to Eat New! 2021-03-03 14:46:29Four Christians in Venezuela were the victims of a recent attack in which they were beaten with sticks, repeatedly cut with knives, and forced to eat

Reports: Myanmar security forces kill at least 34 New! 2021-03-03 08:58:32Myanmar security forces dramatically escalated their crackdown on protests against last month’s coup, killing at least 34 protesters Wednesday i

Pentagon: US Contractor Dies in Rocket Attack at New! 2021-03-03 05:06:01At least 10 rockets targeted a military base in western Iraq that hosts U.S.-led coalition troops on Wednesday, the coalition and the Iraqi military s

Evangelist Luis Palau Enters Hospice Care After 3-Year 2021-03-02 14:39:50The family of renowned evangelist Luis Palau shared some sad news on Monday, revealing that his health is failing and that he's been placed on h

Pakistan High Court Grants Bail to Christian Man, 2021-03-02 12:20:21A court in Pakistan has granted bail to a Christian convicted of committing blasphemy in 2018 while he was still a teenager. 

Myanmar Police Crash Church Gate In Pursuit Of 2021-03-02 11:34:53Police in Myanmar continued their violent crackdown against pro-democracy protesters Tuesday, repeatedly using tear gas and rubber bullets against cro

US Sets Sanctions Over Russia Opposition Leader's Poisoning 2021-03-02 09:12:34The Biden administration announced sanctions of Russian officials and businesses Tuesday related to the poisoning and jailing of opposition leader Ale

Nigerian Governor Says 279 Kidnapped Schoolgirls are Freed 2021-03-02 04:53:38Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls abducted last week from a boarding school in the northwestern Zamfara state have been released, the state’s gov

Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria Say They Will 2021-03-01 14:54:53A Christian pastor who was abducted from northeastern Nigeria in December by Islamic extremists reportedly says in a video that they will kill him on

CBN'S Superbook Thailand Relaunches Weekly Online Sunday School 2021-03-01 12:59:47Due to the second wave of COVID-19, CBN recently re-launched its weekly online Superbook Sunday School lessons in Thailand on Facebook and Youtube.&nb

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The Equality Act: Anti-Woman, Anti-Catholic 2021-03-01 05:10:14While faithful Catholics are grateful for the statement last week from five of our bishops on the threats posed by the Equality Act, it is a bit too l

Following Charles Rice 2021-03-01 05:00:53Six years ago this week, longtime Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice entered his eternal reward. Rereading his obituary now, and reflecting upon hi

Pushing the Elderly Out of Sight 2021-02-26 05:10:23It is both an underappreciated detail and a morbid irony that, as it celebrates the presidential inauguration of a man nearing his ninth decade on ear

Why Catholics Should Care About Bitcoin 2021-02-26 05:00:29It’s been a predictable cycle over the past few years: the price of Bitcoin rapidly rises, and news feeds are filled with Bitcoin-related articl

The Bishop Crisis with Dr. Janet Smith 2021-02-26 04:00:52Dr. Janet Smith talks with Crisis Magazine Editor Eric Sammons about the current crisis in the Church, particularly among our bishops. She pulls no pu

It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation 2021-02-25 05:10:54The time has come for Catholics to return to Mass in person, and the time has come for bishops to restore the Sunday Mass obligation. Catholics are no

How to Resist Marxism According to Solzhenitsyn 2021-02-25 05:00:55Time for our five-minute “When Marxism Comes Knocking, Be a Doormat” team-building session! Today’s wisdom comes from Coca Cola&rsqu

Pagans for Biden 2021-02-24 05:10:53Impeccable authorities on all-things-religious, such as The New York Times, are swooning over “perhaps the most religiously observant commander

Toward a New Elite 2021-02-24 05:00:34With the drama of the election and its aftermath at an end, the nation moves on, as it must. For those on the losing side, however exhausted we may be

Will They Come for the Homeschoolers? 2021-02-23 05:10:26Perhaps I was wrong. Just a few weeks ago, right after the presidential inauguration, one of my wife’s close friends, another parent in our home

Risking Arrest to Defend the Unborn 2021-02-22 05:10:20“Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “Rescue those being dragged to de

What’s Your Username? 2021-02-22 05:00:43Challenged by Diomedes on the battlefield of Troy, Glaucus, in the glorious custom of the ancient epic, declares his identity with eloquent thunder be

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